2019 Beijing Expo promoted at Beijing colleges and universities

2018-07-02 15:35 千龙网

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A campaign themed “beautiful Yanqing and wonderful expo” was launched to promote the 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition (“2019 Beijing Expo”) at colleges and universities in Beijing on June 30, marking the 300-day countdown to the expo.

The launching ceremony was attended by nearly 100 students from 11 colleges and universities in the capital.

The promotion campaign will last until March, 2019. During the period, ten activities, named after one kind of flower each, will be held at colleges and universities, including the contests of knowledge, creative speech, themed debate, campus singer, orienteering, cultural and creative design, short video shooting, dance, painting and homestay design.

For example, a horticultural knowledge competition will be held at Beijing Normal University in September. The competition will include online question answering and offline knowledge contests to be participated by 20 colleges and universities in Beijing.

The ten activities are expected to cover over one million students from 94 colleges and universities so as to further expand the influence of 2019 Beijing Expo among college and university students in Beijing.

During the activities, a total of 100 youth ambassadors will be selected to serve major activities in Yanqing District with their youth and wisdom.

At the same time, a series of activity outcomes like homestay design works will also help promote the economic and social development of Yanqing District.

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