Yuanmingyuan issues 30th anniversary tickets

2018-06-29 15:12 千龙网

打印 放大 缩小

To mark the 30th anniversary of the opening of Yuanmingyuan Ruins Park on June 29, the top 5,000 visitors who purchase the park’s tickets on the spot will receive a commemorative ticket on this day.

The commemorative ticket is designed with pavilions, bridges and hills at the background, showing Chinese gardens' characteristics, the landmark Dashuifa at the center, and lotus flowers and swans at the foreground, reflecting the park’s current good ecological environment.

The ticket highlights the characteristics of Yuanmingyuan as a ruins park and the rejuvenation of the park in the new era.

In addition, the park is conducting an online campaign to solicit old photos from the public, and it will also open a patriotism education summer camp to invite 100 outstanding middle school students from old revolutionary base areas to participate in various patriotism education activities.

责任编辑:Ai Ting(QN0043)

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