Haidian to give rent subsidy to start-ups

2018-06-12 16:41 千龙网

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The 2018 “Chuangxiang Zhongguo” at Haidian Beijing kicked off recently. Haidian district released “Fostering Plan for Embryo Enterprises” to give rent subsidy, financing to the selected enterprises.

“Fostering Plan for Embryo Enterprises”, one of Haidian district’s “16 policies for innovation and development”, takes the lead in being implemented, which aims to select good start-ups, provide services for and assist them to growing from embryos to towering trees, said Li Changping, deputy head of Haidian district .

What kind of sci-tech start-ups can be selected to “Fostering Plan for Embryo Enterprises”? Li Changping said any enterprise making registration and paying taxes in Haidian district that meets the following requirements can apply for support:

1. established within three years(for biological medicine firms within five years);

2. conforming to Beijing’s ten high-grade, precision and advanced industries including information technology, integrated circuit and new materials among others;

3. getting financing of above(including) 3 million yuan(468,545 U.S. dollars) but below(including) 20 million yuan and being at the financing stage of “angel round or seed round”.

Enterprises that have got patents for inventions and formulated technical norms and were founded by high-level talented persons will have priority to be selected.

Eligible enterprises can submit application on the website of zxzj.zhsp.gov.cn or via Service system construction department of Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park Administration Committee.

The 2018 “Chuangxiang Zhongguo” events kicked off in April, and will last till December. China’s 120 demonstration bases of enterprise and innovation, combining their local development features, will host activities including relevant policies publicizing, start-up coaching, and investment docking, to make good environment for realizing the high-quality development led by innovation.


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