Bach awarded as honorary professor of Beijing Sport University

2018-06-07 09:02 千龙网

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“Beijing Sport University(BSU) has cultivated so many Olympic champions and world champions. Today, it adds another one. That’s me,” Thomas Bach, President of International Olympic Committee said with a smile at the hall of national teams’ training base at BSU where the ceremony of Bach’s being awarded as an honorary professor was held on June 5, 2018.

Bach said it is a great honor for him to be an honorary professor of BSU. He said, “BSU has not only fostered many excellent sportspersons, but also has sport dream carried forward and made Olympic games more dynamic. I am a staff member of BSU from today on. I hope that we will advance bravely hand in hand and play a leading role in the development of world sport. ”

Bach spoke highly of work of the Organizing Committee for Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games. He said, “Beijing is creating history as the first city in the world that has hosted the Olympic Summer Games and is to host the Winter Games. Beijing’s Organizing Committee attaches great importance to sustainable development and plans to take the opportunity of hosting the Winter Games to promote the sustainable development of public health, ecology, environment conservation and economy in the host cities and areas.”

At the same time, Bach has a high expectation on BSU. He said, “BSU has become the place where Chinese olympians’ dreams set sail for the 2008 Beijing Olymic Games. As for the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, I believe that ‘our university’ will replay the role as a core and make good preparations for Chinese sportspersons to greet for the most important moments in their lives.”

Thomas Bach, once a fencer, won a team gold medal of the men’s foil at Montreal Olympic Games in 1976. Bach became the ninth President of International Olympic Committee in September 2013, the first Olympic champion to take this position in the history.


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