Beijing donates 1.48 million books to Hetian

2018-06-05 16:29 千龙网

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More than 1.48 million books donated by 1,423 primary and middle schools in 16 districts of Beijing will be delivered to primary and middle school students in Hetian of Xinjiang.

At the end of 2017, it was learned that there was a lack of five million Mandarin-language books at primary and middle schools in Hetian of Xinjiang, and Hetian’s education departments were in urgent need of Mandarin-language books due to a shortage of local education funding.

Therefore, in January this year, a donation activity themed “growing up with good books” was held at primary and middle schools in six central districts of Beijing, attracting 900,000 students from 900 primary and middle schools. The activity received more than 1.2 million books in five categories with a total weight of 400 tons in less than two weeks.

The donating schools wrote letters and delivered books with the letters to schools in Hetian, and students from Hetian replied the letters with their thanks to Beijing students. A student wrote, “Although we are thousands of miles away, we are together forever. I will make full use of the books with a grateful heart.”

At present, the donation activity has extended to 16 districts in Beijing. This time, totally 1.1 million students from 1,423 primary and middle schools have donated over 1.48 million books and written 1,750 letters.

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