Beijing builds wetland park with processed waste water

2018-06-04 10:12 Xinhua

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BEIJING -- Chen Fengxue, 65, likes walking, singing and playing violin in a park near his home in Fangshan District of Beijing, like any other retirees.

The Niukouyu Wetland Park where he goes opened to public last November and has become an important leisure and entertainment venue for residents.

The wetland park uses processed industrial and household waste water.

Five kilometers away, a purification plant processes waste water from the Sinopec Beijing Yanshan Company using ultra-filtration and antiosmosis to reduce pollutants, according to Yang Hong, general manager of Yanshan Veolia Water, a Chinese-French joint venture.

The water is carried by three pipelines to Niukouyu Lake, turning into a 80,000 square-meter wetland, according to Yang.

Another 10,000 square meters of leisure zone was built around the wetland. Visitors can walk around the wetland and enjoy boat tours.

"The wetland park has become our favorite place to go," Chen said.

来源标题:Beijing builds wetland park with processed waste water

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