Beijing buses carry nearly 3.2 billion passengers in 2017

2018-05-29 14:49 Xinhua

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BEIJING -- Buses in Beijing transported nearly 3.2 billion passengers last year, with daily passenger traffic of over 8.7 million, the city's public transport company said Sunday.

According to Beijing Public Transport Corporation, buses in Beijing travelled a combined distance of about 1.3 billion kilometers last year, carrying 3.19 billion passengers.

There are 1,028 regular bus routes with more than 13,000 stops, and a combined operating distance of over 18,000 km in Beijing. Another 363 tailored routes have been set up to meet various demands of commuters and tourists.

More than 16,000 new energy and natural gas buses are now running in the city. Last year, 500 charging poles were added to 80 bus terminals.

Thanks to advancing energy conservation technology and improving infrastructure, buses in Beijing saved an estimated 12 million kwh of electricity and 8.2 million kg of natural gas in 2017.

来源标题:Beijing buses carry nearly 3.2 billion passengers in 2017

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