Construction of Beijing’s first bike lane to begin in September

2018-05-24 11:15 千龙网

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Beijing’s first bike lane will start construction in September 2018 and its main structure will be finished by the end of June in 2019, according to Yang Xiufeng, a head of Project Management Center of Beijing Municipal Roadway Administration Bureau on May 23, 2018.

The 6,500-meter-long bike lane starts from the intersection of Tongcheng Street and Wenhua Road, Changping district and ends at the intersection of Shangdi West Road and Houchangcun Road, Haidian district.

Yang said, the bike lane will be separated with current roads and in closed management, with only eight pairs of entrances and exits from which bikes can come in and go out.

At the same time, there are no traffic lights set up on the bike lane. So, bicyclists won’t be interfered by intersections.

Yang said, the bike lane’s designed speed is at 20 kilometers per hour, with traveling speed, convenience, safety and other factors taken into consideration.

Differentiating from common non-motorized vehicle lanes, electric bicycles and pedestrians are not allowed to enter the bike lane.

To forbid electric bicycles’ entering is to guarantee the bicycles’ travel right and keep the lane from being occupied by other vehicles.


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