Zhongguancun leads China technology and innovation toward world in 30 years

2018-05-16 14:05 千龙网

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What could happen during 30 years? 

A baby may grow into the backbone of a society. A bustling and hustling street may grows into a global top tech hub. Beijing’s Zhongguancun is the very street that has grew from "Zhongguancun Electronics Street" into Zhongguancun National Demonstration Zone, also called China’s Silicon Valley, one of the world’s high-tech centers, during the past 30 years.

Zhongguancun National Demonstration Zone, as a “test field” of the reform of China’s science and technology institution, has seen many firsts in the history of China’s S&T and innovation in its 30 years course, including the first private S&T enterprise, the first enterprise with non-defined business scope, the first enterprise whose intangible assets accounting for 100 percent of its registered capital, the first limited partnership investment institution and the first government guiding fund.

On the “test field” of Zhongguancun, a batch of key core technologies have been “harvested”, like 5G mobile telecommunication, Sugon supercomputer, Chinese search engine, artificial intelligence chip, driverless-car platform, graphene material preparation, and high-end medical apparatus and instruments.

Besides, a bunch of famous S&T firms were born here, such as Lenovo, Sohu, Sina and Baidu. A batch of new S&T firms have sprung up in recent years including JD, Xiaomi and Meituan.

Now, Zhongguancun boasts over 20,000 enterprises, including 13,000 high-tech ones, 320 listed firms, 1,618 ones listed in National Equities Exchange and Quotations concept stock and nearly 70 unicorns: private companies valued at more than $1 billion each.

Zhongguancun National Demonstration Zone, with an increasing international influence, has become a major node linking world innovation network, as its ten liaison offices have been established around the world and nearly 1,000 R&D centers or branches of Zhongguancun’s enterprises have been set up overseas.


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