70 percent of sites of Line 17 under construction

2018-05-11 09:40 千龙网

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A site of Beijing’s metro Line 17 is seen on May 10, 2018. [Photo by Zha Tiantian/tuku.qianlong.com]

Work has started on 49 sites of Beijing’s metro Line 17’s total 71 sites so far, accounting for 70 percent and the remaining is estimated to start construction by the end of 2018, according to Beijing MTR Construction Administration Corporation(BMCAC) on May 10, 2018.

Line 17, a north-south artery through the central city of Beijing, runs for 49.7 kilometers, passing four districts: Changping district, Chaoyang district, Dongcheng district and Tongzhou district.

Line 17’s totally 20 stations from north to south are as follows: Station of Future Science City’s North Zone, Station of Future Science City’s South Zone, Tiantongyuan East Station, Qingheying Station, Yongshiying Station, Wangjing West Station, Taiyanggong Station, Xibahe Station, Xiangheyuan Station, Workers’ Stadium Station, Dongdaqiao Station, Yonganli Station, Guangqumenwai Station, Panjiayuan West Station, Shilihe Station, Chaoyanggang Station, Beishenshu Station, Ciqu North Station, Ciqu Station, and South Station of Yizhuang Train Station’s Front Zone.

Half of Line 17’s 20 stations are transfer stations where passengers can interchange to up to 14 metro lines, including Line 13, Line 15, Line 10, Line 6, Line 1, Line 7, Line 14, etc.

The width of transfer platforms are 14 meters and 16 meters, and transfer passage over eight meters.

The interchange time needed for inside station and passage are within three minutes and five minutes respectively, according to an official of BMCAC.

Line 17, with a big capacity and designed speed of 100 kilometers an hour, together with Line 3, Line 12, Line 19 and others, becomes a part of Beijing rail transit big capacity network or 8A network.

The average travelling speed of Line 17 is 52 kilometers an hour, much faster than that of the lines in operation, and at this speed, it takes just 56 minutes and 7 seconds for a train to run a whole course.


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