2018 WRC to be held in August in Beijing

2018-05-08 15:28 千龙网

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The 2018 World Robot Conference(WRC) will be held in August 15-19 at Beijing Etrong International Exhibition and Convention Center in Beijing, capital of China.

The 2018 WRC themed of “Jointly create smart new energy and share open New Era” aims to contribute wisdom and solution for the development of global robot industry and consists of three sections, forum, exhibition and competition.

The forum of 2018 WRC will draw over 300 experts and enterprises leaders in the robot industry from the US, Russia, Germany, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Israel etc to have a discussion and exchange about basic technology and innovation, emerging application and practice, as well as market trend and investment.

Four exhibit zones for industrial robot, service robot, robot applications and unmanned ground system will be set up in the exhibition of 2018 WRC. Among them, not only underwater robot, military robot and space robot, but also an overall “production line of robot” robot applications zone, will be displayed, which will bring a brand new experience for visitors.

The robot competition of 2018 WRC will have five kinds of contests as follows: Brain-Computer Interface, Coexisting-Cooperative-Cognitive Robot, industrial robot, robot design for teenagers and unmanned ship open. Among them, the contests of Coexisting-Cooperative-Cognitive Robots and industrial robot are newly added this year. The industrial robot competition will include many match items, like intelligent assembly and intelligent logistics.

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