Medical reservation time to be accurate to 30 minutes in Beijing

2018-05-03 15:29 千龙网

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The reservation time of medical service at Beijing municipal’s Class AAA hospitals will be accurate to 30 minutes within three years, according to the implementation plan of improving medical service action plan (2018-2020) jointly released recently by Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning and Beijing Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The plan shows, based on a regional public healthy information platform, Resident’s Health Card, the Social Medical Insurance Card and Jingyitong card will be applied in a wider range.

Jingyitong platform’s service function will be expanded, by adding up information inquiry and examination results push on mobile ends and opening up self-help print service.

The plan shows, in addition to offering the accurate reservation time of medical service, Beijing municipal’s Class AAA hospitals will prioritize to give reservation registrations to the basic medical organizations within the same regional medical treatment combination.

Patients who make reservation services or who ask for transfer treatment will enjoy priority in accepting treatment, examination and admission.


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