‘Beijingtong’ smart city App goes nationwide

2018-04-16 10:46 千龙网

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Recently, an App named “eFuzhou”, modelling the “Beijingtong” App, went online to become a public service platform for residents in Fuzhou of Fujian Province.

Built in accordance with “new smart city construction standards”, the “Beijingtong” App is the only mobile portal for Beijing’s government services, which provides government services, convenience services and third-party commercial services.

Its unified identity authentication system has become one of the first five pilot government information systems to integrate and share applications.

The successful experience and construction standards of “Beijingtong” were fully applied in the construction of “eFuzhou”.

Based on the basic smart city platform of version 3.0, “eFuzhou” has been upgraded from a simple government affair app to a citizens’ public service platform.

It not only allows handling 826 affairs of 43 commissions, but also provides diverse services such as mobile payment for subways, buses, taxis and parking fees, making an online appointment without a medical card, and scanning QR codes to enter parks without buying paper tickets.

It is learned that prior to “eFuzhou”, the successful experience of “Beijingtong” had been applied in building the platform of “Luzhoutong”, which became a model of implementing “Internet+government services” in cities in Sichuan Province.

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