Hope Beijing 2022 to become a model: IOC executive board member

2018-04-13 11:29 千龙网

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On the afternoon of March 30, Ser Miang Ng, executive board member of International Olympic Committee (IOC), received a special interview of www.qianlong.com during his visit to Beijing.

During the interview, he shared his views on preparation work for the 2022 Games in Beijing and Zhangjiakou and development of Olympic Games in China among others.

“I’m quite sure the Winter Olympics itself would stimulate more growth and more interests in winter sports as well as economy in places like Zhangjiakou, Yanqing,” he said.

At the end of the interview, he expressed his hope to Beijing 2022 Winter Games.

“I hope Beijing 2022 is an Olympic Games that not only belongs to Beijing and Chinese people, but also is loved by the peoples around the world. I hope Beijing 2022 Games to become a model for the following games,” he said.

Ser Miang Ng, IOC executive board member, receives a special interview of www.qianlong.com in Beijing, March 30, 2018. [Photo by Liang Zeying/Qianlong]

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