Beijing’s Xingyan Expressway in full swing

2018-04-11 13:50 千龙网

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Amid huge rumbles on April 10, 2018, the 3.5-km-long Baiyanggou tunnel becomes the first two-way tunnel that has been got through along the Xingyan Expressway, marking 90 percent completion of its tunnel.

Xingyan Expressway, to get through by the end of 2018, will connect with Yanqing-Chongli Expressway, and they will jointly serve for Expo 2019 Beijing and 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, said an official of Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport.

The two-way four-lane Xingyan Expressway runs for 42.2 km, from Xinglongkou of the West Sixth Ring Road to the north of Yingchengzi Toll Station in Yanqing district, with designed speed of 100 km per hour in plain areas and 80 km per hour in mountainous areas.


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