Daxing issues 1st voluntary tree planting duty performing certificates

2018-04-09 16:22 千龙网

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Recently, a voluntary tree planting activity was held at Liuhezhuang Forest Farm by the gardening and greening bureau of Daxing District of Beijing.

More than 200 community residents participated in the activity and received the first batch of voluntary tree planting duty performing certificates.

As one of the first national voluntary tree planting duty performing bases inaugurated by Capital Greening Office in March, 2017, Liuhezhuang Forest Farm with an area of 320,000 square meters can receive 300 people to do forest tending work at the same time.

An official with the district’s gardening and greening bureau introduced that Beijing citizens (male aged from 11 to 60 and female aged from 11 to 55) will received a voluntary tree planting duty performing certificate issued by Capital Greening Office if they complete the annual voluntary tree planting task by donating 60 yuan (9.5 U.S dollars), which is equivalent to planting three trees.

Other duty performing ways include afforestation work, tending and management, natural protection, adopting trees, constructing facilities, donations and voluntary services.

Citizens who want to participate in the tree planting activity can register as individuals or families, shall make a telephone appointment three days in advance and wait to be organized when the number of applicants reaches the designated number.

Registration phone number is 61259978-606 or 607.

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