Beijing municipal parks to enter full bloom period

2018-04-08 14:57 千龙网

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This year, Beijing’s 11 municipal parks and the Museum of Chinese Gardens and Landscape Architecture received 1.2 million tourists during the three-day tomb-sweeping holiday.

Despite a slight decrease in the visitor number compared to previous years due to cold weather, there were still lots of tourists paying a visit to key and hot scenic spots at parks.

As the weather warms up in Beijing, the municipal parks’ spring flowers will gradually enter the full bloom period from next week.

After the Tomb-sweeping Day, or Qingming Festival, nearly 1,000 late cherry trees are expected to blossom in the coming week at Yuyuantan Park, Chinese flowering crabapples will begin to blossom at Taoranting Park, “Pingxia”, a new species of peach flower with the independent intellectual property rights of Beijing Botanical Garden, will be in full bloom, and colorful and charming tulips will be seen across Zhongshan Park.

Beijing municipal parks are expected to usher in the second flower-admiring peak period after Qingming Festival, said Beijing Municipal Administration Center of Parks.

The center recommended five “flower-admiring walkways” to citizens, including Qiongdaochunyin at Beihai Park, pink mountain road at Jingshan Park, Zhiyuan mountain road at Fragrant Hills Park, lilac flower sea at Temple of Heaven Park and tricolor flower belt at Beijing Zoo.

More details can be found on the Microblog or WeChat account of the center and parks.

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