Central axis clean-up campaign launched at Tian’anmen

2018-04-03 16:14 千龙网

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A central axis clean-up campaign was launched at Tian’anmen Square in Beijing on April 2, 2018.

The campaign is aimed at “dressing up” the central axis in the Tian’anmen area in one year so as to contribute to the central axis’ application for UNESCO World Heritage.

In January, 2013, Beijing’s central axis was included in the China’s UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List.

From 2018, Beijing will fully promote the 26 pieces of work in four categories concerning the comprehensive improvement of the central axis.

As one of the key projects of the management committee of Tian’anmen area in 2018, the central axis clean-up campaign will include repeated and protective washing, cleaning and stain-removing work on the roads of the central axis at Tian’anmen Square under the support of the municipal sanitation group.

The group will deploy 30 professional workers and seven operation vehicles, including the new energy vehicles which are specially developed for the campaign with functional advantages of “zero” exhaust emissions and secondary pollution.

In order to help the central axis apply for UNESCO World Heritage, the management committee of Tian’anmen area will also vigorously create a social atmosphere to tell stories about central axis and promote the red culture of Tian’anmen Square.

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