Crossing Yongding River bridge named Chang’an Grand Bridge

2018-03-30 16:00 千龙网

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The Yongding River crossing bridge of the Chang’an Avenue’s west extension project is proposed to be named as “Chang’an Grand Bridge” noted the Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Land Resources in a public notice on March 29, 2018.

The 1,400-meter-long bridge is named as Chang’an symbolizing good wishes as Chang’an means a state or nation remains long term stable and peace in Chinese, while Yongding means eternal stability, thus they are mutually corresponding.

The cable-stayed bridge has the highest steel tower of 124.93 meters, the biggest main span of 280 meters and the greatest difficulty for construction in Beijing.

The bridge, started construction in 2016, is to be completed in September 2019, and it will be a landmark of the Chang’an Avenue’s west extension.

The grand bridge was once named as “the gate of joint forces” for its shape looks like two persons face to face sitting on the floor, with feet against feet and hand by hand.


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