Shidu tourism leisure corridor to be built

2018-03-13 11:12 千龙网

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Fangshan district will start constructing a 25.7-kilometer-long Shidu tourism and leisure corridor in March and it is expected to complete by the end of 2018, according to Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform(BMCDR) on March 12, 2018.

The corridor project starts at Wuduqiao Bridge and ends at Shibadu, which includes the construction of a 20-kilometer-long slow traffic road, virescence and ecological restoration.

“The zone will add necessary parking spaces and landscape illumination at night. A coherent slow traffic system will be made, ecological environment along the corridor will be further optimized, and the disturbances of business activities on natural landscape will be minimized,” said a person in charge of BMCDR, adding that the project also sets up four core nodes, namely, grasses’ garden, flower sea in woodlands, waterfront flower field and Jingmen colorful leaves, preliminarily generating a landscape system with one corridor, four cores, and multiple spots.

Shidu, dubbed “Mini Guilin in North”, has grown into a 4A Class scenic spot in the past nearly 30 years, with an annual tourist volume of over 3 million, according to BMCDR.


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