Vegetable shed transformed into library in Haidian

2018-03-12 14:30 千龙网

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Residents of Wutasi community look for books at a library on March 9, 2018. [Photo by Chen Jiannan/]

Recently, many residents of Wutasi community, Haidian district like to read books at a newly opened library at their doorstep which has been transformed from a vegetable shed at No.50 yard of Wutasi.

“Two or three years ago, a group of street vendors selling vegetables were always gathering here, which made a big mess. As the lack of supporting facility of neighboring businesses, the community decided to put up a shed for them to sell vegetables,” said Wang Jianrong, Party secretary of Wutasi community.

With another four to five vegetable stalls added, residents’ living needs are met. However, residents have a need for cultural facilities according to a survey. Thus, Beixiaguan subdistrict and Wutasi community decided to transform the 600 squaremeters’ vegetable shed into a library of 240 square meters and a 360 square meters’ hall for dancing and performance.

So far, the library has housed 20,000 books and given out nearly 5,000 library cards to residents, which has won extensive praise. 

A wide variety of books are displayed on the shelves of the library, including social science, literature and art, children’s books and lifestyles. Its reading zone is divided into a children reading section and an electronic reading section which provides ten desk computers for reading. In addition, the library offers Wi-Fi access.

“At present, our library opens at 9:00 till 17:00 Monday to Sunday. The library cards residents hold can borrow books not only from our library but also from other libraries in Beijing except for National Library of China,” said Zhong, a official of Beixiaguan subdistrict.


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