Paper tickets ‘retire’ at National Museum of China

2018-03-09 11:30 千龙网

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National Museum of China began to allow the public to visit via swiping an identity card for real-name registration, becoming the second museum in Beijing to cancel paper tickets after Palace Museum.

As a museum with the world’s largest building area, National Museum of China had implemented a free visit system (exclusive of special exhibitions) since it officially opened after renovation and expansion in March, 2012. The system required visitors to visit the museum by presenting a free paper ticket exchanged by a valid certificate after advanced appointments or collected on the spot on the day.

After the cancellation of paper tickets, visitors can either directly swipe identity cards to enter the museum from 9:00 to 15:30 on opening days or visit after making an appointment in advance. For now, there is no limit on the number of visitors per day.

“When friends and relatives come to Beijing, they all would like to visit National Museum of China and Palace Museum. But in the past, they had to line up for at least three times for depositing bags, collecting tickets and going through security check. Now we will spend less time on lining up. It makes so convenient for us to visit the museum that of course we are willing to visit more and more,” a citizen surnamed Li said.

Statistics show that in 2017 National Museum of China has opened for 312 days and it receives an average of nearly 26,000 visitors per day. So if it takes one minute for each visitor to exchange for a paper ticket, the total ticket exchanging time will exceed 400 hours.

责任编辑:Ai Ting(QN0043)

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