New cultural buds grow from old factory buildings

2018-03-08 15:43 千龙网

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Songzhuang Township will be forged into an art and creativity township, in accordance with the latest overall palnning of Tongzhou district, Beijing.

Songzhuang Township was once home to various factories by the end of the 20th century. Its Baifuyuan industry park alone held more than 40 enterprises, like printing equipment factories, aluminium alloy factories and glass factories.

Fortunately, they have been renovated and upgraded into offices of cultural creativity enterprises, which not only saves the cost but also actives the old factory buildings’ value.

Now, the renovated factory buildings have drawn so many artists to work and live in.

The 23,333 square meters’ 1503 Art Zone at Xusong Road of Songzhuang Township is one of the many examples, it was once a glass factory on the verge of closure three year ago, but now houses 15 studios and attracts over 50 artists.

Wu Ma Art Gallery, on the left of the gate of 1503 Art Zone , is transformed from a finished products warehouse of the glass factory. The Art Gallery’s 1,000-square meters’ exhibition hall displays many sculptures and paintings relevant to horses. Wu Ma, an artist, said the gallery is used not only for holding exhibitions, but also for giving free training and lectures on weekends.

Next to Wu Ma Art Gallery, it is Jiao Xiaozhen’s sculpture studio. Besides being her working space, the 200-square meter- studio is also her home as it has a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a rest room. Her life and creation have merged perfectly here. “I think every artist will dream to have such a studio,” said Jiao proudly.


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