A forest ranger for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

2018-03-06 17:12 千龙网

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At 7:00 am, the early spring wind is chilly yet. Yao Yongliang, a 54-year-old villager of Xidazhuangke Village, Yanqing district, goes towards Dazhuangke watchtower at an altitude of 1,200 metres, with four kilograms’ domestic water, instant noodles, teacup, interphone and flashlight.

As a forest ranger, Yao not only has to guard monitoring equipment, the fire but also to make a patrol on the Haituo Mountain, a site of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

It is exceptionally cold in the early on the Haituo Mountain. However, Yao has been accustomed to that.

Apart from monitoring inside the watchtower, Yao likes patrolling now and then on the mountain. Yao usually makes up to one or two dozens times’ patrol from day to night and then he feels at ease. The cold wind turns his face red but Yao doesn’t care at all. 

When it’s time for lunch, Yao adds some boiling water to barrel of instant noodles and enjoy his meal.

Yao said forest rangers of several generations seldom cook inside the watchtower just to make sure the absolute safety.

Thus, they often choose instant noodles as their working meals, for which they have no any complaint. They are very proud of their work.

It is a great honor for me to witness the coming of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics on the Haituo Mountain, said Yao.


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