Dongcheng vows 24 pragmatic things in 2018

2018-03-06 15:12 千龙网

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Dongcheng district announced 24 practice works they plan to do this year on March 5, including increasing kindergarten enrollment rate, renovating 108 toilets, and building 3,849 indemnificatory apartments.

The district said they will step up the development of inclusive kindergartens, launch the third phase of “Three-year-action plan for pre-school education” and add 2,000 enrollments to improve kindergarten enrollment rate.

In terms of housing, Dongcheng will start construction of 3,849 indemnificatory apartments and renovate old houses for 700 households. Donghcheng will also upgrade 108 public toilets.

This year, Dongcheng will build another 17 community-based pension service stations , train 3,000 persons for senior citizens’ health care and provide regular visiting services for 2,000 seniors who live alone.

What’s more, Dongcheng will build or promote 110 life service stations, including 13 community convenience service complexes and 50 newly added vegetable stands.


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