Zhushikou-Yinghai segment of Line 8 gets through

2018-03-05 16:37 千龙网

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The tunnel of Zhushikou Station-Yinghai Station segment of Beijing metro Line 8 got through on March 4, 2018, according to Beijing Major Projects Construction Headquarters Office.

The get-through of tunnel from Zhushikou Station to Yinghai Station offers a sound foundation for Line 8’s open to traffic at the end of 2018.

Part of its third and fourth phases of the south-north traffic artery of metro Line 8, from Zhuxinzhuang Village of Changping district to Yinghai Township of Daxing district is planned to put into operation by 2018 end.

The line map of Line 8. [Photo provided by Beijing Major Projects Construction Headquarters Office/Qianlong]

The third section of Line 8, runs from National Art Museum of China in the north to Wufutang in Daxing district in the south, and the fourth phase continues to go south from Wufutang to Yinghai Station, a terminal of Line 8.

Once put into operation, Zhushikou-Yinghai segment of Line 8 will effectively alleviate the surface traffic pressure in southern pert of Beijing, improve residents’ transportation efficiency and have great significance to divert traffic pressure of Line 5 and optimize Beijing transit rail network.

In addition, this line will promote the development of the areas along it.


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