Beijing to renovate 236 shantytowns in 2018

2018-03-05 15:22 千龙网

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The shantytowns’ renovating and environment improvement task in 2018 is released by General Office of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality recently.

It includes 236 projects, involving 23,550 households, 92 projects of which are in the six core districts and cover 15,300 households, Beijing Daily reported on March 5, 2018.

For shantytowns’ renovation, Fengtai district has rebuilt 43 projects, involving 4,500 households, whose scale tops the whole city.

While the number of shantytowns’ renovation projects of Chaoyang district amounts to 1,286, which is higher than the combined amount of Dongcheng, Xicheng, Haidian and Shijingshan.

In addition, suburban districts have a total of 144 shantytowns’ renovation projects, involving 8,250 families, among which, Daxing district has 30 project, Fangshan district 29 projects, and Tongzhou district 22 projects, occupying the top three.

The municipal government lists the shantytowns’ renovating and environment improvement task as the performance assessment projects and asks all districts have to submit the task’s completion situation by the end of 2018.


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