Beijing to spend $2.22 bln on city improvement

2018-02-12 09:26 千龙网

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Beijing will use 14 billion yuan($2.22 billion) financial allocation for all its districts to implement the special campaign of removing non-capital functions and improving urban management in 2018, released by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Finance on February 10, 2018, Beijing Daily reported on Sunday.

The fund will be planned as a whole at district level and used for ten special actions including demolishing illegal constructions, curbing roadside stall business, unlicensed business activities and the illegal behavior of “tearing down exterior walls of apartments” and overall upgrading of old communities in central city and remove of regional industry markets among others.

In addition, Beijing will also grant 16.4 billion yuan financial funds for removing part of its educational and medical resources.

Beijing spent a total of 11.86 billion yuan for removing non-capital functions in 2017, which has better balanced layout of public service resources including educational and medical resources and has led orderly removing of non-capital functions in central city.


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