Beijing courts live stream eye-catching shows

2018-02-11 10:04 Xinhua

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BEIJING -- A live streamed show featuring judges explaining cases has attracted more than 30 million viewers in China, according to live streaming platform Huajiao.

The show, jointly launched by Beijing municipal government and Beijing Higher People's Court, has explained cases of public interests such as private lending, marriage rights and telecom fraud.

Each episode is centered on one theme hosted by a judge from a Beijing court. Viewers can interact with the judge in real-time.

"The judges involved have ears of trial experience," said Liu Yi, senior official with Beijing higher people's court.

The show is looking forward to a third season. From November last year, the first season has aired every Wednesday and the second biweekly.

"Live streaming is a new way of spreading knowledge of the law," Liu said.

The revenue from live streaming reached 30.4 billion yuan (4.8 billion U.S. dollars) in China last year, according to the Ministry of Culture.

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