Palace Museum opens pop-up store in Beijing

2018-02-05 09:59

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A pop-up store opened Friday in Beijing's Sanlitun neighborhood, creating a shopping boom once again for Palace Museum souvenirs in the capital city.

The store will be open from Feb 2 to Mar 4, while China's most important holiday, Spring Festival, falls on Feb 16 this year.

The Forbidden City, the world's biggest palace complex, was China's royal palace from 1420 to the end of the monarchy in early 1912.

The museum opened a shop on the e-commerce website Taobao in 2008, but its sales remained lukewarm for years until 2014, when myriad eye-catching merchandise caught the public's attention.

Products like animated emperor figurines and earphones in the shape of pearl necklaces worn by high-ranking officials became best-sellers.

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