Beijing's Pinggu to hold cultural temple fair

2018-02-02 09:14

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Beijing's remote Pinggu District will hold a cultural temple fair during the Spring Festival (lunar New Year), the local government announced.

This second event, following the inaugural one last year, will open at the Binhe Forest Park, Pinggu District on lunar New Year's Day (Feb. 16) and last for five days. Diverse cultural events will be held over this period.

According to Xu Suzhi, deputy district head, one of the highlights will be an intangible cultural heritage exhibition, and performances by groups from the municipalities of Beijing and Tianjin and the province of Hebei. Twenty intangible cultural heritage booths will be installed at the fair.

Pinggu is the best place to exhibit the traditional arts and cultural heritage items since it is situated at the junction of the three areas, which are set for a national strategy of collaborative development to solve problems such as overpopulation, traffic congestion, environmental deterioration and shortage of resources.

On the site of the 132-acre park, there will be other activities and events, such as folk arts displays and introductions to several ethnic minorities' New Year festivities. Rare stones, calligraphy, Chinese zodiac arts, folk operas, the art of papercuts, variety shows, family entertainment, local delicious food experiences and a lottery also form part of the event.

The local government is seeking to hold the temple fair to promote Chinese culture and bring joy to people, while building up the brand of leisure, entertainment and culture for the district, Xu said.

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