Major work of Beijing subway Line 12 to be completed in 2019

2018-01-12 16:47 千龙网

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The main structure of all stations of Beijing subway Line 12 will be completed in 2019, Beijing Morning Post reported on January 11, 2018.

As an east-west backbone line running in the north region of Beijing, the 29.6 km Line 12 has 21 stations, including Sijiqing Station, Suzhouqiao Station, Madian Station, Sanyuanqiao Station, Jiuxianqiao Station and Guanzhuangluxikou Station among others.

Now, about 60 percent of the line is under construction. Upon its completion, the Line 12 will make transfer with other 13 lines, with its transfer stations accounting for up to 70 percent. Thus, it stresses creativity and convenience of design of transfer passages.

On one hand, the Line 12 will realize transfer on the same floor to the utmost.

On the other hand, it will build spacious transfer hall and expand width and height of transfer passages.

In addition, what is particularly noteworthy is that accessible transfers will be available at all stations of the line.


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