Chaoyang to improve and remove 34 markets in 2018

2018-01-11 13:54 千龙网

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In 2018, the Chaoyang District of Beijing will improve and remove 34 commodity trading markets, especially focusing on upgrading and transforming 18 agricultural product markets, authorities of Chaoyang District said on January 10, 2018.

In 2017, the district has improved and removed 100 commodity trading markets with a total construction area of 940,000 square meters, of which 23 were upgraded, 16 were transformed and 61 were closed. Zhang Jinxin, deputy director of Chaoyang District Commission of Development and Reform of Beijing Municipality, introduced that the move gives priority to serving citizens’ life for the convenience and benefit of the people.

Located at Tianshuiyuan Community of Liulitun Subdistrict, the Beijing wholesale book market is one of the city’s three major book wholesale markets. In the past, there were lots of various books in stacks and messy stalls in the market. However, in 2017, the market changed its previous single operation model and transformed to be a book and culture port. This comprehensive service platform combines various services such as reading, book selling, culture experiencing, healthy catering, financial institutions, education and training and interactive exchanges.

The upgrading and transformation work of the 18 agricultural product markets will mainly include upgrading their order and fire safety, increasing products’ variety and quality and further expanding the sales area of fresh products.

In 2018, the district will continue removing non-capital functions and improving urban management with the plan of removing and improving 34 commodity trading markets, 34 manufacturing industry businesses, two warehousing and logistics bases and 11 renewable resource recycling stations.

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