Xihai to be turned into wetland park

2018-01-09 17:17 千龙网

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Beijing’s Xicheng district will start the construction of a wetland park in 2018, at Xihai, a lake also known as Jishuitan.

Aiming to forge a water paradise for citizens, the district government vows to make great efforts to build a 1,450-meter-long walkway around the lake by removing illegal road-occupying businesses.

At the same time, the authority plans to improve landscape and historical and cultural connotation along the walkway.

Xihai covers 7.4 hectares, is home to many historical relics, including Huitong ancestral temple and Deshengmen Archery Tower.

It is part of Shichahai which consists of three man-made lakes, namely Xihai(West Lake), Qianhai (Front Lake) and Houhai (Rear Lake), in downtown Beijing.


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