Tongzhou pupils offer advice on upgrading Grand Canal bridges

2018-01-09 16:33 千龙网

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In 2020, navigation will resume on the Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei section of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.

Students from Furong Primary School of Tongzhou District in Beijing are now busy giving their ideas on upgrading existing bridges to facilitate the navigation, and their latest research results will be handed over to relevant design and planning departments by the school.

The students from Grade 4 and 5 were divided into several groups and they studied every bridge along the Grand Canal. “We finally selected two bridges near our school. One is Dongguan Bridge and the other is Yudailu Bridge,” Liu Kaijiang, a teacher from Furong Primary School, introduced. “On one hand, the two bridges are not far from our school so it’s convenient for students to make field study; on the other hand, the two bridges have different structures, so our upgrading programs designed for them can be used more widely in the future.”

Students’ primary concern is how to increase the navigation ability of the Grand Canal while old bridges are not dismantled. At present, six groups have submitted their design reports and the reports are being improved. After improvement, the six reports will be handed over to relevant departments to provide a reference for building new bridges or renovating old bridges in the future.

In addition, education on the Grand Canal culture and other local cultural elements will become a standard course of quality schools in Tongzhou District so that more students in the district will learn the Grand Canal culture and give advice on how to revive the Grand Canal culture.

责任编辑:Ai Ting(QN0043)

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