Landscape corridor along Liangma River to be built

2018-01-08 16:50 千龙网

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Chaoyang district said on January 7, 2018, it will start to build an international landscape corridor of 400,000 square meters along the Liangma River in 2018, forging it into a golden “name card” of Beijing, capital of China. And it is to be completed in 2019.

“This year, we will make a comprehensive treatment for the 3.8 km upstream section of the Liangma River within the Fourth Ring Road,”said a leading official of Chaoyang branch of Beijing Water Authority, adding that the section involving Maizidian, Sanlitun, Zuojiazhuang subdistricts as well as Chaoyang Park where many embassies and high-end hotels are star-studded is one of Choayang’s important windows for international exchanges.

Greenbelts with width between 20 and 50 meters will be built in accordance with different space and architectural styles, among which mini landscape sites, bicycle lanes and walkways will be embellished. And landscape bridges will be unified in design.

“By the time, river water, water front, greenbelts and surrounding buildings will form an unified and harmonious landscape,”said Wang Chengzhi, Chaoyang branch of Beijing Water Authority.

Besides, lighting system to be set will present river scenery 24 hours a day, according to Wang.

So far, a global collection for solutions on the project of the Liangma River’s landscape corridor has been concluded. The solutions are now being refined and adjusted.


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