25 pct Bejing residents lack sleep

2018-01-05 17:10 千龙网

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About 24.9 percent of Beijing residents lack or may lack sleep, among them, children and adolescents are in more serious situation than other areas in China, said Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning on January 4, 2018.

According to the latest report China Sleep Quality Index, Beijing residents’ daily average length of sleep is 7.6 hours.

Women between the age of 18 and 25 have more sleeping hours than their opposite sex, however, men above 65 enjoy longer sleeping hours than women of the same age group.

For grownups, sleeping time of people in suburbs overtops those in city proper.

It is noteworthy that the sleep-deprivation of Beijing’s children and adolescents is quite serious.

Overuse of electronic products, burden of extracurricular learning and inappropriate sleep habits are probably the main reasons, analyzed Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning.

Speaking of how to prevent and control sleep disorders, the commission introduced, first of all, one need to face problems squarely.

People with lower grade somnipathy are advised to change the environment that brings pressure on them, take aerobic exercise and adjust timetable regularly.

If the disorder continues, they must see a doctor in medical institutions, or call 010-12320 for medical consultation before their visit.


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