Beijing to build another 200 ‘Home of Community’ in 2018

2018-01-04 16:56 千龙网

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“After finishing rehearsal at multi-function hall, I walk into the dining hall for just two minutes. It’s so convenient that I don’t need to think about how to have dinner as before,” said Mrs. Chu, a 83-year-old resident of Liuheyuan Xiaoqu, Lugu community.

Chu refered to the Home of Community established in April, 2017 at the Second Workplace of Xinhua News Agency that brings many conveniences to her, including opening its carteen and special rooms for physical exercises, recreational and sports activities.

Sharing is the aim of the Home of Community, according to a leading official of Beijing Municipal Commission of Social Work.

The Party and government bodies, enterprises and institutions, social organizations, troops and other resident units are all encouraged to open their internal service falicilities to the residents of nearby communities and share with them carteens, parking lots, basketball courts and other public resources.

The Home of Community at the Second Workplace of Xinhua News Agency is the first of its kind in Shijingshan district.

“Carteen is open to residents now. About 3,000 residents on average come to have dinner here every day and they become ‘main force’,” said Sun Yan, head of the community service station of Xinhua News Agency.

Sun added that the elderly got together for some activities like Jiaozi dinner during holidays and festivals. They could also communicate about and learn traditional Chinese cultures. All those were popular with senior people.

Besides carteens, residents can also share the parking lots. “The 300 parking spaces in yard of Xinhua New Agency is for its own workers at day and shared for residents at night,” said Sun.

According to statistics of Beijing Municipal Commission of Social Work, Shjijigshan district so far has got such Home of Community up to 14, benefiting over 70,000 residents.

Beijing has set up 208 demonstration sites of Home of Community in 2017, will build another 200 in 2018, and strive for setting up 1,000 in three years.


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