Transfer hall of subway Guomao station to be built

2018-01-04 15:03 千龙网

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The construction of a transfer hall and a passage at Subway Guomao Station will be started soon as Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform approved the project.

And they will be put in operation at the end of 2019 accordingly, Beijing Daily reported on January 3, 2018.

Data show the daily average transfer volume of Guomao station, as a transfer station of Line 1 and Line 10, ranks highest among the city’s road network.

About 20,000 passengers bound for both directions have to pass through an 8.5-meter-wide passage here to transfer to other lines every day at rush hours.

Upon the completion of the transfer hall and passage, transfer capacity of Guomao Station will be improved remarkably, which will not only adapt to passengers flow but also eliminate potential safety hazard.


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