Beijing Zoo opens third cultural and creative product shop

2018-01-04 14:56 千龙网

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Recently, Beijing Zoo opened its third cultural and creative product store called Pelican Shop to the public, which has now become a new popular attraction in the zoo.

Located at the south side of the landmark Waterfowl Lake in the zoo, the Pelican Shop has introduced and developed more than 200 kinds of 400 bird-themed products in five major categories. Among the various products, the plush toys of kiwi have enjoyed high popularity. Li Xiujun, an official from Beijing Zoo, explained that as a rare and unique species of bird in New Zealand, kiwis are now seldom introduced by domestic zoos except Beijing Zoo and the cultural and creative products based on the image of kiwis are rarely seen in the market, so the plush toys of kiwis are warmly welcomed by tourists at the shop.

“Children like animals. Many of them feel unsatisfied by just seeing animals at zoo and they hope to bring animals back home. The plush toys of animals meet their wishes,” Li said. “During the past New Year holiday, the plush toys of little otters that close eyes and pray were a favorite among children for the cute otters well matched the festive atmosphere.”

Currently, Beijing Zoo has three self-built cultural and creative product stores which are operated independently, including a panda gift flagship shop at Panda House, a shop at Penguin Encounter and the Pelican Shop at Waterfowl Lake.

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