Haidian adds more 24-hour service businesses

2018-01-03 15:01 千龙网

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Haidian makes great efforts to forge 24-hour life service circles to enhance service at night and meet needs of startups and young people.

Beequick is a newly opened convenient store at the south end of Z-innoway. The small 24-hour store sells breakfast, lunch and supper and also supplies food at night.

Beequick not only has its own APP for self-help shopping, but also provide food delivery service.

All of those meet the needs of workers at Z-innoway and intensive innovation enterprises and startups in Zhongguancun west area.

Beequick has expanded to eight stores since the opening of its first five stores in February, 2017.

This is one of Haidian district’s moves to increase 24-hour service businesses. “Haidian is home to innovation and entrepreneurial companies and young people. Many of them often work overtime at night. To provide supporting service for life and create a sound environment for innovation and entrepreneurships, we have listed establishing 24-hour service businesses as a key point,” said Yu Min, head of community businesses, Haidian district Commission of Commerce.

Customers can search nearby 24-hour service businesses on WeChat official account “shangjuhaidian”.


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