Chinese festival held for foreign students in primary, middle schools in Beijing

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The 2017 Chinese Festival for Foreign Students in Primary and Middle Schools in Beijing kicked off in Beijing on December 5, 2017.

During the festival, foreign students from more than 30 primary and middle schools in Beijing expressed their love for Beijing through their Beijing-style performances.

“I came to China after finishing primary school. It’s comfortable to live here except for too many people on the road,” said Kang Chae-won, a foreign student from South Korea who was wearing a Chinese robe and waiting to come on the stage. “I will give a performance called Ancient Beijing and Modern China together with my classmates. I am going to act as a street vendor selling stall tea. After the performance, I’d like to tour around Qianmen and drink a bowl of stall tea there.”

Just like Kang, most of the foreign student performers can speak Chinese with a Beijing dialect. “It is difficult to learn a rhotic accent, but it really sounds nice,” a foreign student from the United States said. “I feel good for this Chinese festival gives me a chance to get to know Beijing better.”

Sponsored by Beijing Municipal Education Commission and hosted by Beijing International Education Exchange Center and Beijing International Education Research Association of Primary and Middle Schools, the 2017 Chinese Festival for Foreign Students in Primary and Middle Schools in Beijing was attended by the foreign students from the United States, Russia, Kazakhstan, Finland, Japan and South Korea, who expressed their love for China and Beijing by giving performances and showing Chinese.

In addition, before this festival, a series of activities such as Chinese culture experience courses and singing contests had been held to help foreign students understand China and learn about Beijing.

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