China's workplace safety improves

2017-12-06 10:15 Xinhua

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BEIJING -- China has seen less workplace accidents and related deaths this year, as the government stepped up work safety inspections, national safety authorities said Tuesday.

In the first eleven months, the number of workplace accidents in China plunged 26.9 percent year on year, while the death toll in those accidents dropped 20.6 percent, Sun Huashan, deputy head of the State Administration of Work Safety, told a press conference.

Sun attributed the improvement to stronger government inspections, as a nationwide workplace safety check was launched from July to November, which involved more on-site inspections and tougher punishments.

Sun said authorities would take more measures to protect workplace safety during the rest of the year, which is usually the peak season of accidents.

China plans to set 362 workplace standards to improve safety in 12 sectors, such as coal mining and hazardous chemicals, from 2016 to 2020.

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