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Photo taken on Dec. 4. 2017 shows the renovated Beixinqiaosantiao Hutong of Dongcheng District in Beijing. [Photo by Ouyang Xiaojuan]

Earlier this year, the renovation work was launched at Beixinqiaosantiao Hutong of Dongcheng District in Beijing.

On December 4, a reporter from paid a visit to Beixinqiaosantiao Hutong to witness its real changes and feel residents’ joy at the changes.

Walking in the Beixinqiaosantiao Hutong, the reporter found that the hutong has become a clean, quiet and comfortable public space in a traditional Beijing style with green shade and birds instead of the previous one with bad traffic and environment.

“Now our life is much more convenient than before. In the past, the food safety wasn’t guaranteed and we spent lots of time buying all daily necessities because most of businessmen were unlicensed vendors here. Now the subdistrict built a convenience complex to meet our practical needs. It is so convenient that we can buy all vegetables, meat, spices and daily necessities and enjoy housekeeping, haircutting and appliance repairing services in one place,” an aunt who just finished her purchasing at the convenience complex told the reporter excitedly.

It is learned that the convenience complex was upgraded and transformed from the Baiwang Vegetable Market at the Beixinqiaosantiao Hutong. Its occupied area was expanded from 460 square meters to 700 square meters and the number of businesses increased from 18 to 30, covering food stations, meat shops, bakeries, fresh fruit shops, housekeeping and appliance repairing services and beauty salons, with time-honored brands of Century Yili and Liubiju. Moreover, the old convenience vegetable markets and supermarkets have also remained in the hutong to facilitate residents’ daily life.

“In the past, shuttling my child to and from the kindergarten is a big headache for me for there were lots of roadside businesses and illegal parking in the hutong. But now I don’t need to worry about it as the road is more spacious with regulated businesses, orderly parking and one-way traffic. The subdistrict installed convenient seats at the gate of the kindergarten and added green landscapes,” a mother who sent her child to the kindergarten said to reporter.

As one of the hutongs piloting traffic micro-circulation in Beijing, from November 11, the Beixinqiaosantiao Hutong changed its traffic from two-way to one-way so as to alleviate traffic congestion. Meanwhile, the subdistrict invited professional design companies to give a unified planning and design of parking spaces for motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles. So far there are 53 parking spaces for motor vehicles and 7 parking spaces for non-motor vehicles, all of which will be managed by property companies.

In addition, in order to eliminate security risks and recover a clear and bright urban skyline, the Beixinqiao subdistrict has started the overhead wire-removing project during which 38 wire poles will be removed, marking an end to the overall renovation work at the Beixinqiaosantiao Hutong.

责任编辑:Ai Ting(QN0043)

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