Beijing hosts law-popularizing carnival

2017-12-05 14:42 千龙网

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A constitution swearing-in ceremony was held at Capital Library of China in Beijing on Dec. 4, 2017, the fourth State Constitution Day in China. And from Dec. 4, Beijing will host a law-popularizing carnival, including 28 activities to be organized by 16 districts and 137 activities to be held by 43 commissions, bureaus and offices of key industries.

During the ceremony, officials from Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice led 60 representatives of judges, prosecutors, lawyers, notaries and prison policemen in Beijing to take an oath to the constitution.

At the Capital Library of China, the most attractive thing was a smart law-popularizing robot called “Xiaolv”. Integrating modern science and technology elements like artificial intelligence and big data, it autonomously answered various questions about the constitution and law and interacted with citizens. Besides, the lecture team made up of Beijing’s well-known public interest lawyers also attracted attention. They explained legal knowledge concerning marriage, family and inheritance with cases, answered questions and provided free legal conselling services for citizens.

It is learned that this year in addition to on-site counselling, the law-popularizing activities highlight online learning such as online prize-winning quizzes on constitution knowledge, constitution publicity columns on Weibo and WeChat and live video streaming of publicity activities on major websites.

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