WeChat urged to remove smoking emoji

2017-12-05 10:09 千龙网

打印 放大 缩小

WeChat was urged to remove its smoking emoji on Decmeber 4 by the Beijing Tobacco Control Association and the Tobacco Control Office of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, while the two institutions co-launched four emojis that are themed with tobacco control.

The four emojis for tobacco control are implanted in the WeChat’s conversation interface, namely a smoking emoji with the text: smoking can lead to impotence; a wiggling index with the text: no tobacco shall be sent as a gift; a classic “No Smoking” sign with the text: Smoking is banned in enclosed public locations; a man wearing a hat, holds a flower in his mouth with the text: quit smoking now.

“The emojis are able to shorten the distance with Internet users,”Zhang Jianshu, president of the Beijing Tobacco Control Association said, the removal of the WeChat smoking emoji that stands for “at ease” is to prevent it from misguiding the public. At the same time, we hope to utilize the social network to spread a healthier life style.  

责任编辑:Sun Chi(QN0019)

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