Mini fire station puts out big fire in 7 minutes

2017-11-29 10:09 千龙网

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“On fire, get ready!”On November 28, a fire drill was ongoing at the mini fire station of the Number 18 Construction Section of Subway Line 17. Six members of the fire station shouldered fire guns and rushed to a “fire site” after they finished dressing. The fire was distinguished in no time.

Recently, fire drills as such were carried out everyday at the project department of the construction site. More than ten days ago, members at this mini station put out a fire at the neighborhood before the arrival of fire fighting trucks.

Speaking of the fire over ten days ago, the manager of the construction site, Wang Song is still in horror. “The fire broke out at a waste land covered with withered grass on the opposite side of the construction site. More than 8,000 square meters were on fire,” he said, the fire was detected on that afternoon during security check. Security staff found withered grass caught fire and was smoking. The fire higher than a man spread fast with the help of strong wind. Above the fire are more than 70 optical cables and beside the fire are Subway Ciqu Station and Ciqu High School. The consequence is unthinkable if the fire went on spreading.

As soon as they were informed of the fire, the standing fire forces of the construction site shouldered three fire guns and rushed to the fire site in three minutes. And another 30 plus volunteer firemen also arrived at the site rapidly with powder fire extinguishers in their hands. The fire was put out in seven minutes before the fire fighting trucks’ arrival.

If it had not been the mini fire station, the fire wouldn’t be put out as fast as it was. The mini fire station is established under the request of the Number One Project Management Center of the Beijing MTR Construction Administrative Corporation.

责任编辑:Sun Chi(QN0019)

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