Beijing’s first experience hall of science popularization for the aged opens

2017-11-28 17:21 千龙网

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Beijing’s first experience hall of science popularization for the aged was opened recently in Luoma Jiayuan community, Balizhuang subdistrict, Chaoyang district, where seniors can experience all kinds of technological devices closely related to the life.

Placed at the “Smart Home” experincing zone, is a “smart bed”. “These physical parameters are basically in line with those of my physical examination taken in the hospital. This bed is so magic,” said surprisingly Mrs Xu, laying on the “smart bed”, while a screen read all kinds of her biological data.

On the first floor underground of the experience hall is the control center for elderly care service system called “E-health family”.

A big screen of the control center read numbers that presents sleeping, breathing and heart rates of seniors who were being monitored by the health system via smart watches.

“By monitoring the data, the medical staff can know the health conditions of the aged at the earliest time, and can take quick response in case of emergency,” said the man at the wheel, adding that if anyone who received the monitoring has abnormal physical parameters, the workers will contact him or her immediately, and at the same time, inform the doctors of the Balizhuang community No.2 health center to go to the spot to set about rescue work.

“I’ve never thought that the rehabilitation exercise could link with the high-tech devices which enables the old like us to live in the stylish way,” said madam Liu who came to experience the rehabilitation equipments on the first floor, while many other senior citizens are found trying athletic cycling, self-help health management interactive table and other devices in the inter-active experience area of Electronic Real Sense.

They enjoy the novelties and convenience of the smart elderly care devices.

 The man takes sports activity in the ecperience hall. [Photo by Zha Tiantian/Qianlong]

Besides, the residents can also join the recreational and sports activities, listen to the lectures of the experts from the university for the elderly and receive the health guidance of the formal medical establishments.

The experience hall was jointly invested and built by Science & Technology Commission of Chaoyang district and Balizhuang subdistrict.

It opens to the public for free from Monday to Friday.


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