Profit of BJ’s non-public economy rises 60 pct

2017-11-28 10:53 千龙网

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The profit of Beijing’s non-public economy had increased by 58.7 percent year on year, according to the first three quarters’ running condition of the city’s non-public economic bodies above the designated size released recently by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics.

Beijing had had 23,000 non state-owned enterprises above the designated size by the end of the third quarter.

Their operation revenues had reached 4.1 trillion yuan(61.5 billion US dollars), up 9.9 percent year on year.

They had gained 424.9 billion yuan, and created jobs for 3.85 million people, a rise of 58.7 percent and one percent respectively year on year.

“Among Beijing’s non-public economic bodies, the revenues of the science and technology services, finance industry and software and information technology services has grown fast, reaching 118.8 billion yuan, 277.1 billion yuan, and 456.8 billion yuan, and increasing 17.7 percent, 16.1 percent and 13.6 percent respectively year on year,” said one leading official of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics, adding that affected by regulations, some of the industries like property and construction had slowed down. Their revenues were 91.4 billion yuan and 138.8 billion yuan, down 8.3 percent and 5.8 percent respectively compared with the same periods of last year.

As for the registered category, the domestically funded enterprises had achieved the operation revenue of 2.2 trillion yuan, the Hong-Kong, Macao and Taiwan invested enterprises 816.1 billion yuan, and foreign-invested enterprises 1 trillion yuan, up 9.9 percent ,18.7 percent, and 3.8 percent respectively year by year.

Beijing had held 27,000 small and medium-sized and micro enterprises above designated sizes by the end of September.

These enterprises had made revenues amounted to 3.6 trillion yuan, profits 305.9 billion yuan, increasing 10.9 percent and 52.3 percent year on year respectively; and they had created job opportunities for 2.9 million, down 2 percent year on year.

Among them, the medium-sized enterprises reached revenue of 2.4 trillion yuan, small-sized enterprises 1 trillion yuan, and micro-sized ones 186.3 billion yuan, up 11.9 percent, 9.8 percent and 4.5 percent year on year respectively.

Besides, the Beijing’s non-public economic bodies are going through the transformation and upgrading amid the implementation of the capital’s strategic positioning.


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