1st elderly care service station opens in Xincun Subdistrict, Fengtai

2017-11-17 15:45 千龙网

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Elders have a meal at the elderly care service station at the Fengxi Community of Xincun Subdistrict of Fengtai District of Beijing. [Photo by courtesy of Xincun Subdistrict/Qianlong]

Recently, an elderly care service station was put into operation at the Fengxi Community of Xincun Subdistrict of Fengtai District of Beijing. The station is the subdistrict’s first comprehensive elderly care service station integrating elderly care, culture, entertainment and rehabilitation physiotherapy services and serves the 60-year-old-plus elders of Fengxi Community and Dianliji Community.

The station covers an area of about 180 square meters. Its location used to be a group-renting bungalow with an unpleasant environment of overflowing sewage and a frequent migrating population. It had great safety hazards and public safety risks that affected the normal life of the surrounding residents.

This August, with the removing and renovation for improvement project ongoing in Beijing, the Xincun Subdistrict decided to transform the bungalow into an elderly care service station after making field research, soliciting residents’ opinions, persuading tenants to move out and making planning. In accordance with the national standards, the construction of the station was completed after two months.

The warm station has multiple functions with the multi-function activity room, rehabilitation physiotherapy room, elderly restaurant, day care room, psychological comfort room and reading room. It provides 10 elderly care services of dining, bathing, medical treatment, learning and travel.

A total of 450 elders have volunteered to fill in the questionnaire on elderly care services and received service cards, 318 elders have participated in activities and 124 elders have come to the station for meals since the station was put into operation. “This reflects that the station’s services are basically in line with the public opinions collected and we will actively improve our services,” said Sun Wei, a director of Xincun Subdistrict.

“The environment is good here. The life is so good that we can have a safe and delicious meal on our doorstep. I will introduce this station to my old neighbors and ask them to have a look at it,” a resident said happily.

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